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Cortana opens a new boutique in Barcelona

Originality, simplicity and design coupled with haute couture

Cortana, the brand led by Majorcan designer Rosa Esteva, has opened a new boutique on Carrer Provença, in the heart of Barcelona. The new boutique boasts a wonderful 40-square-meter changing room where time seems to stop.

The new space sticks to the style that defines Cortana: originality, simplicity and design in its purest form. The excellence of the shop windows is also worth mentioning: the designs hang from the ceiling in such a subtle and surprising way that each piece expresses a hypnotic sense of lightness and comfort. Thanks to shop windows like this, the brand has been awarded the Top Ten prize twice and has been featured in Barcelona’s 2003 La Ruta del Disesny (The Route of Design)

Cortana has achieved something difficult in these days: to bring personality to its designs. The clothes –feminine, simple and elegant – adapt to the woman’s body and so each garment has a unique personality. A clear example of that is the splendid gray tulle dress worn by actress Carmen Elias in the ceremony of the 2009 Goya awards. Moreover, Cortana takes care of the very last detail of every collection, both concerning seams and prints. Each and every single piece made by Cortana has the indisputable style of the brand

In addition to this new boutique, Cortana has three other boutiques in Spain, one on Carrer Flassaders in Barcelona, one in Madrid and another one in Palma de Mallorca. Four minimalist and yet warm spaces, where fashion becomes an experience to enjoy with the five senses.



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