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Shops in Barcelona. Our critics

The team wants to share with you the opinion of our critics in a friendly way. Each one of them hides behind an alias and matches a particular profile so that every user can identify with one of the critics and enjoy his/her selections. Below we show you the list of profiles of our critics:

He cares about the way he looks, so he is always updated when it comes to fashion for men. His hobbies are music and sports, so he also frequents this kind of establishments.
Age: 23 years old – Student of Journalism
Budget: Low

Married and childless, he is addicted to IT and the latest technologies, so he knows the specialized stores like the back of his hand.
Age: 32 years old - Chef
Budget: Average high

Fond of art and design, she often visits art galleries and shops specialized in interior design, decoration and gardening. She is crazy about shoes, so she also knows the best shoe shops in Barcelona.
Edat: 35 years old – Sommelier
Budget: Average high

El mejor regalo que puede hacerle a su mujer es una joya, él tiene predilección por los relojes, de modo que se conoce las mejores joyerías y relojerías de Barcelona.
Age: 43 anys – Author of travel guides
Budget: Average.

Jewells are the best gift for his wife; he is fond of watches, so he knows the best jewellery and watch shops in Barcelona.
Age: 56 years old – Owner of restaurants and hotels
Budget: no limited budget.