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Address:  Avinguda Diagonal, 577 (Barcelona)
Area: Les Corts.
Category: Accesories. Jewellery. Gifts.
Comments: Fine jewelry by Bernat Rubí, who creates, produces and sells his own designs, specialised in pearls and diamonds. Baby line is his line for children and Rubí Basic his co...
Address:  Avinguda Diagonal, 609-615 (Barcelona)
Area: Les Corts.
Price: Average.
Category: Accesories.
Comments: This shop is perfect for the most creative ones, for here they will be able to let their imagination run wild and create their own designs. Handbags, bels, earrings: all ...
Address:  Avinguda Diagonal, 569 (Barcelona)
Area: Les Corts.
Price: Average high.
Category: Young fashion. Streetwear.
Comments: Internationally well-known Italian brand that ows its success to denim pants. In all the shops we will find severals designs, always comfortable and adaptable that fit li...
Address:  Passeig de Gràcia, 55 -tienda 85- (Barcelona)
Area: Les Corts.
Price: Average high.
Category: Exclusive fashion. Fashion for women. Night dresses.
Comments: The owner of the shop presents her own creations with the name of the boutique, as well as other exclusive international brands. Tú Tarzan, Yo Jane offers a wide selectio...