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3 Shops in Barcelona. Modern and fashion

List shops Barcelona: Modern and fashion
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Address:  Avinguda Diagonal, 569 (Barcelona)
Area: Les Corts.
Price: Average high.
Category: Young fashion. Streetwear.
Comments: Internationally well-known Italian brand that ows its success to denim pants. In all the shops we will find severals designs, always comfortable and adaptable that fit li...
Address:  Carrer dels Madrazo, 129 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Santaló.
Price: Average high.
Category: Party dresses. Accesories. Fashion for women.
Comments: Located in the area of Galvany in uptown Barcelona, Sayan is the boutique of the young designer and entrepreneur Soledad Álvarez, daughter of the Spanish designer Purific...
Address:  Plaça Comercial, 6 (Barcelona)
Area: Born-La Ribera.
Price: Average high.
Category: Young fashion. Streetwear.
Comments: transgressor, avant-garde Dutch brand, that has become very popular lately among the most