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12 Shops in Barcelona. Originals

List shops Barcelona: Originals
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Address:  Carrer dels Banys Nous, 19 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Category: Specialized.
Comments: Shop that specialises in advertising from the end of the 19th century to the 60's. They have boxes, posters, cards, postcards, publications. If we don't find something in...
Address:  Carrer del Rec, 28 (Barcelona)
Area: Born-La Ribera.
Price: Average.
Category: Design. Gardening.
Comments: The new concep that Herbs Barcelona offers has been named
Address:  Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 62 (Barcelona)
Area: El Raval.
Price: Average.
Category: Oddities. Gifts.
Comments: A trip around the world through the most implausible objects. Countries like Rumania, China, Iran, Mexico and Russia are represented in this tiny world museum of objects....
Address:  Carrer de Bonavista, 16 (Barcelona)
Area: Gràcia.
Price: Average.
Category: Babies. Children's fashion. Children.
Comments: Cool Baby 01 Rock is not the typical children's clothing store, but it is the boutique of reference for the most rocker parents looking for an alternative to the usual cl...
Address:  Carrer de Bailèn, 35, 1º (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Dret.
Price: Average.
Category: Bonsais. Specialized. Hobbies.
Comments: School-workshop born 25 years ago by two ikebana teachers (Japanese floral art) that cultivate bonsais. This one is a unique establishment in the city, where we will find...
Address:  Carrer de la Perla, 29 (Barcelona)
Area: Gràcia.
Price: Average.
Category: Hobbies.
Comments: Shop in Gràcia that worships the 7th art. Pilgrimage place for cinema collectors and addicts who, in this space decorated with huge posters, reels, replicas of Oscar stat...
Address:  Via Augusta, 40 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Santaló.
Price: Average.
Category: Stationery. Gifts.
Comments: Ordning&Reda is a unique, exclusive concept in the world of stationery. The philosophy can be explained with this expression: “to put things into order”. This concept is ...
Address:  Carrer dels Tallers, 35 (Barcelona)
Area: El Raval.
Price: Average.
Category: Hairdresser's.
Comments: An original and innovative concept of hair dresser's, always with eyes on the new trends but assuming, at the same time, that each client has a personal own style. Their...
Address:  Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 44 (Barcelona)
Area: El Raval.
Price: Average.
Category: Old newspapers. Gifts.
Comments: A smell of yellow paper fills this establishment in which we will find original newspapers and magazines from 1900 and on, result of the search in street markets and priv...
Address:  Carrer de Ros de Olano, 19 (Barcelona)
Area: Gràcia.
Price: Average.
Category: Hairdresser's.
Comments: In the area of Gràcia we find this original hairdresser's born in 2000 and run by the hairdresser with the same name. One of its peculiarities is that the staff will spea...
Address:  Plaça de Narcís Oller, 3 (Barcelona)
Area: Gràcia.
Price: Average.
Comments: This happens to be the first zero gravity antistress centre in Spain. Relax of body and mind is reached in a capsule where we will submerge in an aqueous solution with t...
Address:  Ronda de Sant Antoni, 49 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: Low.
Category: Camo clothing. Second-hand.
Comments: In this second-hand shop we will find military clothes and accessories that were left over by armies of different countries, mainy American and Soviet, from World War I....