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6 Shops in Barcelona

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Address:  Carrer de Torras i Pujalt, 6-10 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Bonanova.
Price: Average high.
Category: Accesories. Fashion for women.
Comments: Created more than thirty years ago as a shop specializing in handmade lingerie, Blonda is now a select establishment dedicated to women's fashion that offers exclusive fa...
Address:  Ronda del General Mitre, 135 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Santaló.
Price: Average.
Category: Bathroom. Decoration. Home.
Comments: Debany is a shop specializing in bathroom items. Innovative and attractive products, budgets suitable for everybody and a wide range of national and international brand n...
Address:  Rambla de Catalunya, 125 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: Average.
Category: Accesories. Shoe shop.
Comments: Shop specialised in footwear and accessories for women since the beginning of the 70's. It offers Brcelona's tradition and design. Own collections addressed to a young pu...
Address:  Ronda del General Mitre, 54 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Santaló.
Price: Average high.
Category: Carpets.
Comments: One of the most important carpet shops located in Barcelona. We will find importations from China, pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey or India. All of them with origin certifi...
Address:  Ronda del General Mitre, 101 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Bonanova.
Price: Alt.
Category: Fur.
Comments: Ricardo Galí is an exclusive furrier's with 40 years of experience that sells furs from the best international auctions. A true luxury in uptown Barcelona.
Address:  Carrer de Mandri, 20 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Bonanova.
Price: Average high.
Category: Jewellery. Watches.
Comments: This is the first of the four jewellery-watch shops founded by Ángel Zapata. The one in Mandri street has offered own jewellery collections and the best watch brands for ...