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How to go from wedding to wedding and not die trying

From the spring months of April and May, the wonderful wedding season begins. This fantastic period that lasts until mid-October more or less and might suppose, for those (especially females) with a wide contact network a real nightmare.

Every year at this time, lovers agree to seal their love in ceremonies and parties of all kinds and, in most of the cases, we are required to dress up to the nines.

The protocol marks us a set of guidelines that we are supposed to follow to the letter: if the wedding is celebrated during the day, we are expected to wear a short or cocktail dress, even a picture hat, but in no cases we can show up in black –the star of all colours in these occasions- or wearing a long dress. However, if the wedding is held in the evening, we will be required to dress much more elegant.

The problem starts with the search. However, before that comes we have to do define the budget. If the situation is a bit tight, we can always recycling from other weddings or borrow from friends, sisters...On the other hand, if we can afford the luxury (or we feel like) buying a brand new outfit, then we have a huge range of possibilities.

The best dress for the occasion

In Barcelona there are many designers and fashion shops we can trust. If we have a clear idea of what we want, it is best to buy a dress made especially for us. Many of the designers that make tailor-made dresses, also design bridal gowns. This is the case of Cortana (Flassaders and Provença), where the designer from Mallorca Rosa Esteva, who has served a decade in the fashion world, creates and sells her personal designs.

In the Gracia quarter we find Érase una Vez, a charming shop that sells both to brides and guests. Ruthaurora María’s designs, that share the window shops with other designers’, seem to have been brought straight from a fairytale.

Natalie Capell’s atelier in El Born welcomes us into a theatrical, almost magical atmosphere. The designer and her team in the atelier manufacture unique, romantic, vintage-inspired creations. Without doubt, visiting her workshop will be a very special experience.

On the other hand, there are classics that never go out of style. Catalan designer Rosa Clarà, national benchmark in bridal fashion, began to design and create her own dresses in the mid-nineties. In her boutique of Avenida Diagonal, she dresses brides and guests up. Many Spanish and Catalan celebrities choose her designs.

Marta Rota is also Catalan and a classic. The designer owns Tot-Hom, a select boutique that dresses the most elegant women of the high society.

The style of designers such as Sita Murt (born in Igualada, Catalunya), with a boutique in Paseo de Gracia, and Lydia Delgado (born in Barcelona), settled the Gracia district, are always a safe bet and an endless source of new ideas.

We recommend, in any case, to save an ace in the hole. Shops like Etxart & Panno and Hoss Intropia could be quite good last (and even first) options.

However, in such a special day, what matters is that the design that we choose makes us feel radiant and comfortable at the same time. To do so, it is essential to -above all- be true to our personal style.



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