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30 Shops in Barcelona. Sports. Leisure Time

List shops Barcelona: Sports. Leisure Time
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Address:  Plaça dels Traginers, 3 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: Average high.
Category: Bikes. Hobbies.
Comments: Cap Problema is the shop of reference for urban cyclists. They import Brompton folding bikes, the authentic bikes that fold easily in four points. They stand for quality,...
Address:  Carrer de Viladomat, 310 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: Average.
Category: Bikes. Hobbies.
Comments: The Probike team is and has been expert in the world of bycicles for over 20 years. The 25 employers -who work in a thousand sq. meter shop and a 200 sq. meter repair sho...
Address:  Carrer d' Ausiàs Marc, 155 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Dret.
Price: Average.
Category: Electric bikes. Specialized. Hobbies.
Comments: Shop that specialises in electric bikes. We can buy one from 350 euros o rent it for 20 euros a day. This is the most recent mean of trasnsport, easy to ride, low consumi...
Address:  Carrer de Freixa, 45 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Santaló.
Price: Average high.
Category: Golf. Hobbies.
Comments: First shop opened by the company with the samen name, dedicated to the organisation of golf events. Now, it presents, in the upper area of Barcelona, this space where gol...
Address:  Carrer de Marià Cubí, 68 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Santaló.
Price: Average.
Category: Specialized. Horse riding. Hobbies.
Comments: Shop especially dedicated to horses and the world of horseriding. We will find all sorts of items for horses and riders, professionals and amateurs. The kind staff will a...
Address:  Carrer d' Enric Granados, 11 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: Average.
Category: Young fashion. Surf.
Comments: Forerunner un Catalunya in the field of surf and kiteboard, born in the late 80's thanks to Paco, passionate about these sports. Tactic is an alternative shop, the member...
Address:  Carrer de Villarroel, 184 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: Average.
Category: Outdoor sports.
Comments: Shop specialised in outdoor sports, both for professionals and amateurs. The members of the staff make ovious their passion for sports like ski, trekking, etc. Even the ...
Address:  Carrer d' Arístides Maillol, s/n (Barcelona)
Area: Les Corts.
Price: Average.
Category: Football. Gifts.
Comments: This is the official store of Barcelona's Football Club, located in the same "Museu del Barça" (the team's museum), just next to the stadium. The real supporters will enj...
Address:  Avinguda d' Icària, 180 (Barcelona)
Area: Vila Olímpica.
Price: Average.
Category: Hobbies. Roller blades.
Comments: This happens to be the only sport establishment in Barcelona that specialises in roller blades. All kinds, for different ages, sexs and levels. They also rent them and or...
Address:  Carrer de Pontevedra, 51-53 (Barcelona)
Area: La Barceloneta.
Category: Hobbies. Skate. Surf. Windsurf.
Comments: A temple for surfers in Barcelona. A few metres from the Barceloneta beach we find this windsurf club that has, on the top floor, a shop specialized in surf, windsurf an...

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